Questions Before Buying a Nail Making Machine

Among the customer inquiries we received, about 70% of the customers will ask a question, I have never been in contact with this industry, can I master the technology? If there is something wrong with the equipment, and we don’t understand it, how should we deal with it? So will this production and processing cause pollution to the environment? Our Bysen machinery manufacturer will give you a brief introduction to relieve the confusion in the hearts of customers.

wire nail making machine

Today, let’s first explain the technology; in terms of technology, our customers can rest assured that if we buy our equipment, we can provide technology for free. There are only a few positions, so what are the positions, which are to control the length of the nail, the height of the nail knife (left and right, front and rear), the height and the left and right of the nail mold, so looking at the position we need to adjust, the front, back, left and right are a bit confusing. Confused, in fact, in our actual production, we basically do not need to move the adjusted position often, unless the finished nails we produce have nail tips or nail caps that are skewed and we need to change the length of the nails Only then do we need to make reasonable adjustments to the equipment.

Today, we first explained the technical knowledge, about the problems of failure, environment, etc., please pay attention to the update of the website news of our Bysen Machinery Factory. If you want to know more information, you can contact us, we will solve it for you at any time.