M8 Hex bolt making machine BM13B3S (83S)



M8 Hex bolt making machine BM13B3S (83S)

Main features:

M8 Hex bolt making machine BM13B3S  (83S) is mainly used for making bolts, nails, rivets and steel balls, etc. It can produce products of size M8. It can realize continuous, multi-station and automatic production. Low equipment cost and high quality performance.

Main Specifications:

ModelBM13B3S (83S)BM13B3SL (83L)BM13B3SXL (83LL)
Forging Power(T)656565
Max cut-off dia(MM)101010
Max cut-off Length(MM)105130180
K.O Stroke90115175
P.K.O Stroke202330
Cut-off Die Dia.(mm)φ35*56φ38*79φ38*79
Main Die Dia. (mm)φ60*105φ60*125φ70*185
Punch Die Dia. (mm)φ45*110φ45*111φ45*130
Die Pitch (mm)878787
Main Slider Stroke (mm)150175250
Applicable Bolt Size (mm)M8M8M8
Bolt Length (mm)14-8014-10030-150
Maximum output (pcs/min)150120110
Main Motor (kw)1518.518.5
Approx. weight (T)101214

M4-M30 cold forging machine is available. For the unshown models, please contact us for more details.

M8 Hex bolt making machine BM13B3S

1.The maximum material shear diameter and the size of the products that can be produced as listed in the table are calculated for medium carbon alloy steel.
2.The most applicable production speed of the product depends on the shape, size and material of the product.
3.Our company is always conducting research and improvement work, therefore, we reserve the right to change the design, specification size and mechanical structure at any time without notice.

cold forging machine

bolt sample

Video page:3 Station Bolt former machine BM13B-3S

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