How to produce expansion bolts

What equipment is needed to produce anchor bolts?According to the anchor bolts expansion screw in the picture, it is composed of 5 parts, then we must first produce each part and then assemble them.

expansion bolts
Table of Contents

1.Bolts are made by cold heading machine and thread rolling machine

expansion bolts

anchor bolt

Cold heading machine

Thread rolling machine

The anchor bolts are first formed by a cold heading machine, and then threaded with a thread rolling machine.

2.Nut is made by a nut making machine and a nut tapping machine



Nut making machine

Nut tapping machine

Nut are first formed by a nut making machine,and then tapped by a nut tapping machine.

3.The plain washer and expansion sleeve are made from press machine

Plain washer

Plain washer


Expansion sleeve

from press machine

Press machine

The plain washer and expansion sleeve are all made from press machine,Coupled with an automatic feeder, the production efficiency can be greatly improved.

4.Spring washer is made by spring washer machine

Spring washer

Spring washer coiling machine

Spring washer cutting machine

Spring washer production line contains a belt wire drawing machine, coil collection machine, coiling machine, cutting machine.

5.Assembling machine to assemble the above components

expansion bolts

Assembly machine

Assembly machine

Finally, use an assembling machine to assemble the above components, and a complete set of expansion bolts is completed.

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