How to buy a fastener assembly machine

Fastener automatic assembly machine has been widely used in various fastener manufacturers today. The assembly machine can assemble bolts, nuts, washers, spring washers, expansion bolts, wedge anchor, sleeve anchor,etc, which greatly saves labor costs and improves efficiency. So how to choose a suitable automatic assembly machine?

First of all, it is necessary to clarify that the assembly machine is to improve work efficiency, so try to apply it to a single specification product alone, which can avoid many mechanical failures;

Secondly, as a professional assembly machine manufacturer, we suggest that customers can provide detailed requirements, product samples and drawings in order to better complete the machine design;

The assembly machine should be fully tested before it goes out, and the manufacturer should provide guidance and suggestions at the beginning of the customer’s use;

The assembly machine needs to be maintained on time to ensure the smooth operation of the machine.

Fully automatic bolt and nut assembly machine
Wedge Anchor

Our automatic assembly machine is easy to operate, and workers only need to undergo simple training before they can work . One worker can operate multiple machines at the same time.

Automatic assembly machine function:
1. The mechanical and pneumatic mixing turntable mechanism realizes the automatic assembly of tie rods, expansion sleeves, flat washers, spring washers, and nuts;
2. All parts are automatically differentiated and loaded, and the defective product rate can be controlled within five ten thousandths;
3: Equipment failure rate: no more than 2 times/hour. (Except for the reason of incoming materials)
4. Combine various accessories to monitor the overall quality of the equipment. Once a defect occurs, the touch screen will display the alarm type and defective product.
This machine is specially designed for assembling bolts, nuts, washers, spring washers, wedge Anchor hardware parts Fix-bolt, Sleep Fixing Anchor Bolts, Shield Anchor Fasteners, Expansion Anchor Bolt Wedge Anchor, anchor bolt, Carbon Steel anchor, plug knurled drop in anchor bolt, Wedge Anchor Bolt, Expansion Bolt.

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