How to adjust the screw heading machine

Do you know the basic adjustment steps of the screw heading machine? Let’s get to know it with you next.

1-Die 2-Blow High Heading Machine BHD12-450
BR5-55 High Speed Thread Rolling Machine

Check Before adjusting the machine

1. Whether the machinery and equipment are clean and whether the backup bolts and nuts are loose.

2. Whether the lubricating oil is sufficient and unblocked.

3. Whether the belt is normal, it must be adjusted if it is loose, and it must be replaced if it is damaged.

4. Whether the electrical appliance is turned on and whether it is normal, and whether the motor is abnormal.

5. Rotate the flywheel approximately two turns with or inching to see if there is any rotation.

Prepare molds and hand tools before adjustment:

Mold for manufacturing:
1. Inner shearing die 2. Outer shearing die 3. Main die 4. Main die ejector 5. Punch die 6. Punch inner sleeve die 7. Spring 8. One punch die sleeve 9. One die ejector pin 10. Two punch die sleeve 11. Two punch die
Tools for adjustment:
1. Socket wrench 2. Adjustable wrench 3. T-shaped wrench 4. Scissors 5. Pliers 6. File

Steps to debug the machine:

1. Fix the main mold in the main mold hole.
2. After fixing the cutting mold, install the scissors in turn, and the scissors are aligned with the center hole of the main mold and the cutting mold in advance and retreat.
3. Put the upper die (note that the die cannot touch the main die and scissors during the stroke).
4. Calculate the required length of the screw as a basis for adjusting the gear step.
5. Start the test switch first to punch out the shape of the stroke, and adjust the exact center point of the die and the main die.
6. Install the second die to adjust the required head shape, and adjust the center point with the main die.
7. The screw shape as a result of the test run meets the standard after the gauge inspection, and then start production after being inspected by the QC parts.

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