How a nail making machine makes nails

Many people do not understand how the nail making machine produces nails. The technicians of Bysen Machinery will give you a brief introduction: feeding, firstly, the cold drawn wire with suitable diameter is put into the fixture through the wire feeder; clamping, making The nail machine clamps the clamp through a series of transmissions such as cams, so as to punch the nail cap; after the cap is punched and the clamp is clamped, the punch pushes the cam to apply pressure to the clamp direction, thereby punching out a nail cap; withdraw Punch, after the nail cap is punched out, the punch is pulled back through the cam; for cutting, in the process of pulling the punch back, the nail knife cuts through another cam. It is worth mentioning that cutting not only cuts the cold drawn wire The length of the nail is cut and the tip of the nail is also cut. If the working process of the nail making machine is subdivided, this is the case. It is very slow to say that it can actually produce more than 300 nails per minute. In actual operation, it seems to the naked eye that it is working at the same time.

nail making machine

The daily maintenance of the nail making machine is the top priority in the daily work. This cliché is mainly aimed at novice friends in the nail making industry, and the purpose is still to remind everyone to pay attention to the daily maintenance of the nail making machine. One of the daily maintenance is to prolong the service life of the nail making machine, and the other is to ensure the pass rate of the nails produced. After all, except for some small faults in the equipment, it is inevitable to produce defective nails.
After the nail making machine is installed, it must be run with no load for half an hour. This is because the new equipment has not been run-in when it comes out. The no-load operation actually plays a role in running-in. During this half hour, it is necessary to refuel frequently to ensure that All moving parts are fully lubricated. In daily production, more attention should be paid to lubrication. The number of oil injections in each shift should not be less than three times. The lubricant is mainly butter. Before starting the machine, add some butter first, and then inject oil from time to time during production. Pay attention to whether the fastening screws in various places are loose. Due to the working principle of the nail making machine, there will be a certain vibration in the nail making machine, so this vibration may cause the screws in some positions to become loose. If you ignore it for a long time, will lead to various failures.