Automatic Through Bolt Assembly Machine




1. Automatic through bolt assembly machine is specially designed for assembling through bolt; thru bolts; thru-bolt (wedge) stud anchor; wedge Anchor hardware parts Fix-bolt; Sleeve Fixing Anchor Bolts; Shield Anchor Fasteners;Expansion Anchor Bolt Wedge Anchor; anchor bolt; Carbon Steel anchor; plug knurled drop in anchor bolt; Wedge Anchor Bolt; Expansion Bolt). The material is loaded by the vibrating bowl, automatically assembled and unloaded automatically;

2. Automatic sorting of various accessories according to the required direction;

3. Combine various accessories to monitor the overall quality of the equipment. Once a defect occurs, the touch screen will display the alarm type and defective product.

Assembly machines are all customized equipment and will be designed and produced according to customer needs. If you have any needs in this regard, please feel free to contact me.

wedge anchor assembly machine

Wedge Anchor

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