83S three die three blow bolt former machine BM13B3S



Main features:

83S three die three blow bolt former machine BM13B3S is mainly used for making bolts, nails, rivets and steel balls, etc. It can produce products of size M8. It can realize continuous, multi-station and automatic production. Low equipment cost and high quality performance.

Main Specifications:

ModelBM13B3S (83S)BM13B3SL (83L)BM13B3SXL (83LL)
Forging Power(T)656565
Max cut-off dia(MM)101010
Max cut-off Length(MM)105130180
K.O Stroke90115175
P.K.O Stroke202330
Cut-off Die Dia.(mm)φ35*56φ38*79φ38*79
Main Die Dia. (mm)φ60*105φ60*125φ70*185
Punch Die Dia. (mm)φ45*110φ45*111φ45*130
Die Pitch (mm)878787
Main Slider Stroke (mm)150175250
Applicable Bolt Size (mm)M8M8M8
Bolt Length (mm)14-8014-10030-150
Maximum output (pcs/min)150120110
Main Motor (kw)1518.518.5
Approx. weight (T)101214

Configuration introduction:

1. One set of standard feeding mechanism;
2. One set of standard cutting mechanisms;
3. One set of standard clamp mechanism;
4. One set of standard lubrication system;
5. One set of standard fully enclosed safety shell;
6. One set of standard pay-off reel and conveyor belt;
7. One set of special hand tools;
8. One set of standard PLC frequency conversion electrical cabinet.

Conponents Brand name:
1 PLC Siemens
2 frequency converter BML
3 Low-voltage electrical appliances Schneider/Chint
4 Main motor Wannan
5 Clutch solenoid valve Airtac
6 Lubrication Pump Taiwan NLP
7 Pneumatic components Airtac
8 Bearings NSK or other similar imported brands
9 Spring Japan Tohatsu
10 Crankshaft 42CrMo forging
11 V-Belt Trilux
12 copper sleeve ZCuSn10Pb1
13 Lathe bed QT500-7
14 Main key components Cr12MoV combined with vacuum heat treatment
If the above brands are out of stock, they will be replaced with other brands of the same quality.

1.The maximum material shear diameter and the size of the products that can be produced as listed in the table are calculated for medium carbon alloy steel.
2.The most applicable production speed of the product depends on the shape, size and material of the product.
3.Our company is always conducting research and improvement work, therefore, we reserve the right to change the design, specification size and mechanical structure at any time without notice.



83S three die three blow bolt former machine BM13B3S

bolt sample

5 tips for buy High speed bolt maker machine BM13B3S cold forging machines 

1. First of all, you must clarify the product you want to make and the budget for purchasing the equipment, and choose the most suitable equipment.
2. The initial use of the screw machine requires certain experience, and it is best to find an experienced commissioning engineer during the debugging process.
3. When purchasing equipment, both price and production efficiency must be considered. For example, expansion bolt rods can be produced by cold heading machines with 2-die 3-blow, 3-die 3-blow, and 4-die 4-blow, but the technology of 2-die 3-blow is relatively high.
Backward, poor stability, and low efficiency. Although the price is cheap, there is no price-performance ratio. So give priority to 3 station and 4 station equipment is better choise.
4. Purchase cold forging machine must also order molds, test and process samples, and reduce later troubles.
5. Choose manufacturers with complete quality assurance and later good technical services.

The operation of cold heading machine precautions

(1) The diameter of steel bar or steel wire should meet the requirements of multi-station cold heading machine, not cold heading too thick or too fine steel bar.
(2) Within the allowable range of cold heading diameter of multi-station cold heading machine, adjust the position of the fixture according to the required anchor head size in order to get the proper amount of reinforcing bar extension.
(3) The area in the cold heading part of the reinforcement shall be descaled and straightened.
(4) The end of the reinforcement shall be ground flat to ensure the accurate shape of the cold heading anchor head.
(5) The reinforcement shall be subjected to a tensile test after upsetting to check the strength of the anchorage head.
(6) Cut the blank with a semi-enclosed cutting tool, the easiest way is to use a sleeve type cutting tool.
(7) Each forming station should be equipped with punch rejection device and concave die should be equipped with sleeve type top material device.
(8) During the effective use period, the structure of main slide guide and process parts can guarantee the positioning accuracy of punch and concave die.
(9) Terminal limit switch must be installed on the baffle plate that controls the material selection, and attention must be paid to the control of heading force.

Maintenance system of cold heading machine High speed bolt maker machine BM13B3S

Routine maintenance of cold heading machine, first-level maintenance and second-level maintenance.
(1) The three-level maintenance system is the operator-based mandatory maintenance system for the equipment mainly to protect the main, warranty and emphasis.
(2) Institutionalization is to specify different maintenance cycles and maintenance time and strictly enforce them according to different conditions of different equipment.
(3) The regular maintenance work, to develop a quota of working hours and material consumption quotas and to be assessed according to the quota.
(4) Enterprises should regularly conduct self-inspection and mutual inspection, and carry out major equipment inspection.

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