7 Tips in the use of cold heading machine

The stabbing mechanism of cold heading machine adopts computer-designed and machined cam to achieve the purpose of stabbing smoothly and quickly. The roller shaft of the cutting part is supported in both directions to ensure the scissor bar has enough steel. The clamp transmission system has a pair of planetary gears for each clamp, which can control the flip and translation of the clamps to achieve accurate and smooth feeding.
Precautions for cold heading machine in use

1. Before the operation of the machine, fill with smooth oil or pressed oil, the capacity and viscosity index of the oil please see the smooth system clarification.

2. Cold heading machine is equipped with air pressure clutch brake, in front of the air pressure three-point combination of machinery to be equipped with air pressure storage container, can be shared by two sets of a container, or used alone, the use of the standard please refer to the SR clutch inch moving school bus consumption of air table.

3. It is necessary to pay attention to the level of the front and rear, left and right direction of the installation to ensure the stability of mechanical operation.

4. The diameter of the mechanical distribution device cable is not smaller than the main switch cable on the mechanical control box, and it is necessary to do the different grounding of the motor and the electrical control box to avoid damage to the machine and personnel when the leakage occurs.

5. When lifting the machinery, 2 steel slings of diameter Φ25 or more must be used for lifting. Firstly, open the cover of the operation door of the machinery and the cover on the back of the main sliding platform, and hang the steel slings on the four corners of the boom of the machinery, the angle of the slings must not exceed 60°, and it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the slings must not rub against the mechanical parts and the shell when lifting.

6. Before starting the machine, check whether the wire connector is loose, and whether the machine screws are loose, after the machine has been operating for a period of time, it is necessary to check again whether the screws of the parts are loose and whether the oil circuit is unblocked.

7. Start the cold heading machine, first start the smooth help pump, it is necessary to smooth the indication blue light on, indicating that the smooth help pump operation is normal, and then start the main motor, at this time the air pressure needs to reach 5.5 ~ 6.0 kg/c square meters, the operation first to inch moving operation, for each stage of movement, check whether the machine operation is smooth, all normal, and then press the single stroke to check whether it is normal, single stroke and general operation parking, it is necessary The main slide of the machine can be parked at the back to facilitate the adjustment operation, otherwise it is necessary to adjust the parking position control of the electrical cam viewpoint position, which will be adjusted due to different speeds. When the machine is equipped with a variable speed device, the machine will try to carry out the operation of the inching school bus at a slow speed to reduce the slippage caused by the clutch when operating the transmission at high speed.