5 tips for purchasing cold forging machines

screw heading machine for micro screw

1. First of all, you must clarify the product you want to make and the budget for purchasing the equipment, and choose the most suitable equipment

2. The initial use of the screw machine requires certain experience, and it is best to find an experienced commissioning engineer during the debugging process

3. When purchasing equipment, both price and production efficiency must be considered. For example, expansion bolt rods can be produced by cold heading machines with 2-die 3-blow, 3-die 3-blow, and 4-die 4-blow, but the technology of 2-die 3-blow is relatively high. Backward, poor stability, and low efficiency. Although the price is cheap, there is no price-performance ratio. So give priority to 3 station and 4 station equipment

5. Choose manufacturers with complete quality assurance and later technical services.