4 Tips for Cold forging machine purchase

Cold forging machine is mainly used in the manufacture of bolts, nuts, nails, rivets and steel balls and other parts. The forging billet material can be copper, aluminum, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and titanium alloy, etc. The material utilization rate can reach 80-90%. Cold forging machine is mostly carried out on special cold heading machines, which is convenient for continuous, multi-station and automatic production. The cold heading machine can sequentially complete the processes of cutting, heading, gathering, forming, chamfering, thread rolling, diameter reduction and edge cutting. The production efficiency is high, up to 300 pieces/minute or more, and the maximum diameter of cold heading workpiece is 48mm.

Schematic diagram of cold heading bolt process
Schematic diagram of cold heading bolt process

1.To determine the size of the equipment model according to the specifications of the products you want

generally a model of the machine can process more than 3 kinds of products, for example, Z12-4 cold heading machine, can produce M3-M6 screws, rivets can do the diameter of 3mm-6mm products, the length can be adjusted, so it depends on how big you are doing, what products, before you can determine how big to buy a cold heading machine. Do not use large equipment to do too small products, so there is no profit, with small equipment to do large products, the equipment will accelerate aging, easy to break.

According to the needs of the product to buy the type of cold heading machine, such as one die two strokes, one die three strokes, two die three strokes, two die four strokes, three die six strokes, three die three strokes, four die four strokes …. According to their own strength to decide the second machine.

Nut cold forging machine
cold header forging machine

2. Machine need to pay attention:

  • machine dry sound 
  • main slider clearance on both sides
  • up and down the clearance on both sides of the block 
  • machine parts material
  • parts finish and and heat treatment methods 
  • crankshaft bushings whether all copper.

3. It is best to first find a master with some qualifications to help you reference; do not blindly purchase.

4. To understand the quality of the customer's product requirements, and then define the evaluation machine this may be more practical point. No bad products, just money problems.