22B6SL 6 Station Nut former Nut forging machine



22B6SL 6 Station Nut former Nut forging machine

22B6SL 6 Station Nut former Nut forging machine is a special cold heading equipment for the production of  nut blanks.

The cold heading method is used to feed the disk or bar through the roller drive, and sequentially feed, cut, press the ball, press the angle, punch and other processes in one machine.

Automatic upsetting various hexagon nuts and non-standard parts. The equipment is conveyed by open-close clamps.

The cold heading stations are arranged horizontally, with accurate positioning and stable operation; single-sided S plate cutting is more stable and powerful, and the time can be adjusted.

The S plate drives the clamp frame to drive more accurately.

The transmission of equipment of 6SL and above specifications adopts gear transmission mechanism, and can produce non-standard automatic cold heading machines such as 6 station and 7 station according to user product requirements.

Main Specifications:

CUT-OFF DIA. (mm)19
DIE PITCH (mm)80
OUTPUT (per/min)65

M2-M30 nut former machine is available. For the unshown models, please contact us for more details.

22B6SL 6 Station Nut former Nut forging machine Main features:

1.Non-oil self-lubricating bearings are utilized to enhance the operational lifespan and wear resistance of the coupling shaft, while also reducing energy consumption.
2.The converter circuitry combined with PLC allows for continuous variable transmission and enables automatic detection of faults, leading to shutdown if necessary.
3.The machine uses a pneumatic air clutch for smooth starting and braking, ensuring that the slider or external components can stop moving promptly, providing maximum flexibility.
4.A closed guard is designed to minimize pollution from hot-oil gas spray, improving the working environment.
5.Pressure oil line protection devices are installed to ensure full lubrication of all machine parts. Additionally, airway pressure protection devices are used to prevent machine overload, thus enhancing mold life.
6.To ensure convenient testing of the machine and the safety of the staff, safety protection doors are installed, and operators are trained to adhere to standard operating procedures.

22B6SL 6 Station Nut former Nut forging machine components features:

1.Lathe bed: The machine features a thickened lathe bed made of nodular cast iron QT500 and a box-shaped structure. This design enhances the overall strength of the machine, providing stability during operation. As a result, the products manufactured are more precise, the production speed is faster, and the machine’s service life is extended.

2.Frequency converter: The machine is equipped with a frequency converter from either Germany or Japan. This converter allows for the adjustment of frequency to achieve a continuously variable speed, enabling the machine to be set to the most economical production speed. This helps in effectively saving production costs.

3.PLC control system: The machine features a PLC control system with a programmable digital controller from Japan. This system controls electrical equipment and safety detection devices, and includes remote control technology, remote debugging technology, face recognition system, and intelligent control technology. It is also convenient for repair, setting, and modification.

4.Nipper and clamp: The machine uses a bevel gear nipper to convey workpieces back and forth, ensuring operational safety. The cylinder opening and closing clamp can adjust the clamp force, and the turnover clamp can be flipped 90 or 180 degrees. The design of seven molds with eight clamps, adding one more clamp than usual, helps prevent finished products from bumping.

5.Clutch: Equipped with a pneumatic clutch and pneumatic brake, the machine avoids repeated starting currents, making parking and reversing more convenient. This improves the efficiency of mold debugging during installation.

6.Linear feeding structure: The machine’s linear feeding structure ensures that the wire material is fixed and does not rebound during cutting. The quick cutting device improves cutting accuracy and the smoothness of the cutting edge, making it suitable for the production of high-end special-shaped parts.

7.Feeding and scissors: The computer-controlled linear feeding structure ensures the service life of the feeding pawl, while the S-type cutter plate can bear greater axial force. An automatic shutdown device for short-inch detection is also included.

8.Cutting part: The cutting part is actuated by a strong link-block system, ensuring stable and reliable movement. Circular shears are used to ensure a clear and neat kerf.

9.K.O. structure: Each station of the K.O. structure can be adjusted independently. The last station can perform the action of trimming by adjusting the cam position or changing another cam. A safety pin is included to check the pressure.

10.P.K.O. and K.O. structure: Controlled by a digital servo motor, the P.K.O. and K.O. structure can be set for remote debugging, ensuring high precision in the manufacturing of finished products.

11.Main sliding table: The main sliding table and back support mechanism maintain dynamic balance during operation, making it easy to adjust the position of the movable mold to ensure stability and prevent wear. This helps maintain high precision even after long-term use.


1.The maximum material cut-off diameter and the size of the manufactured product listed in the table are calculated based on medium-carbon alloy steel;

2.The most suitable production speed of the product depends on the shape, size and material of the product;

3.The company conducts research and improvement work at any time, so it reserves the right to change the design, size and mechanical structure at any time.


nut cold forging machine

Nut making machine

Nut making machine manufacturer video:https://youtu.be/UxfHA7TpObI

After cold forging,we alse need nut tapping machine to tap the nut hole

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