19B6S Nut bolt making machine M12 Six station Nut former



19B6S Nut bolt making machine M12 Six station Nut former

19B6S Nut bolt making machine M12 Six station Nut former is a special cold heading equipment for the production of  nut blanks.

The cold heading method is used to feed the disk or bar through the roller drive, and sequentially feed, cut, press the ball, press the angle, punch and other processes in one machine.

Automatic upsetting various hexagon nuts and non-standard parts. The equipment is conveyed by open-close clamps.

The cold heading stations are arranged horizontally, with accurate positioning and stable operation; single-sided S plate cutting is more stable and powerful, and the time can be adjusted.

The S plate drives the clamp frame to drive more accurately.

The transmission of equipment of 6 stations and above specifications adopts gear transmission mechanism, and can produce non-standard automatic cold heading machines such as 6 station and 7 station according to user product requirements.

Main Specifications:

CUT-OFF DIA. (mm)19
DIE PITCH (mm)80
OUTPUT (per/min)95
WEIGHT (T)15.5

M2-M30 nut former machine is available. For the unshown models, please contact us for more details.

19B6S Nut bolt making machine M12 Six station Nut former

1.The maximum material cut-off diameter and the size of the manufactured product listed in the table are calculated based on medium-carbon alloy steel;

2.The most suitable production speed of the product depends on the shape, size and material of the product;

3.The company conducts research and improvement work at any time, so it reserves the right to change the design, size and mechanical structure at any time.

nut cold forging machine

Nut making machine

Nut making machine manufacturer video:https://youtu.be/UxfHA7TpObI

After cold forging,we alse need nut tapping machine to tap the nut hole

4 Station Bolt forge machine BM10B-4S Configuration introduction:

1. One set of standard feeding mechanism;
2. One set of standard cutting mechanisms;
3. One set of standard clamp mechanism;
4. One set of standard lubrication system;
5. One set of standard fully enclosed safety shell;
6. One set of standard pay-off reel and conveyor belt;
7. One set of special hand tools;
8. One set of standard PLC frequency conversion electrical cabinet.


4 Station Bolt forge machine BM10B-4S Brand name:

1 PLC Siemens
2 frequency converter BML
3 Low-voltage electrical appliances Schneider/Chint
4 Main motor Wannan
5 Clutch solenoid valve Airtac
6 Lubrication Pump Taiwan NLP
7 Pneumatic components Airtac
8 Bearings NSK or other similar imported brands
9 Spring Japan Tohatsu
10 Crankshaft 42CrMo forging
11 V-Belt Trilux
12 copper sleeve ZCuSn10Pb1
13 Lathe bed QT500-7
14 Main key components Cr12MoV combined with vacuum heat treatment
If the above brands are out of stock, they will be replaced with other brands of the same quality.

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